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Schedule Venues Staff
1st Saturday - Camarilla at [h Demolition Games - Salt Lake City]
2nd Saturday - Sabbat at Demolition Games - Salt Lake City
3rd Saturday - Anarch at Demolition Games - Salt Lake City
4th Saturday - Werewolf at Megan's house
5th Saturday - Social Event at various locations
Anarch IA Focused Masquerade
Camarilla Focused Masquerade
Domain Coordinator: Darren Baum
Domain Storyteller: Celeste Felton
Masquerade VST: Benjamin Kesner
Anarch aVST: Benjamin Kesner
Sabbat VST: Celeste Felton
Apocalypse VST: Megan Holt

Player Memorial Wall- A Remembrance Of Players We have Lost over the Years

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